14 years of Bruun & Stengade

14 years have passed (5 and a half since I joined the party) and I’m terrified I might forget some our accomplishments and all the important milestones from the time we’ve put behind us — and after acknowledging and taking my bad memory into consideration, I felt the need to write down the important stuff and share it with the one thing that stores everything forever … cyberspace.
Here goes:
… and that was it for todays history class. I hope you got a bit wiser and learned, that what started out as a small national firm has now grown into a recognised international clothing brand known for its attention to detail and ongoing creativity. And with no sign of business slowing down, who knows what the future will bring? One thing is certain; we’ll continue to strive after being the preferred brand among the urban fashion-conscious men in the years to come and we look forward to everything they have to offer!


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