Hi there,

My name’s Christina, at least that’s what my birth certificate says – most people just call me CC. I call myself a Copenhagen’er, even though I still talk a bit weird after growing up at Nykøbing Falster – the city that always sleeps… Or was that just me?!

I (hate to admit it, but I)’m 26 years young and I’ve worked for Bruun & Stengade since 2012 – a Danish menswear label that makes a hell lot of cool (and affordable) clothes! For many years, my dream has been to work with a brand’s visual identity and I feel lucky that I’ve been given the opportunity to develop and reinforce the profile of B&S both online and offline…but that’s not all I do. I’m also responsible for our biggest international customers, the operation of our website and the making of new Concept Stores and shop-in-shops around the world.

I consider myself a happy face. An ambitious, committed, focused and hardworking emoji – the one with the big OMG-my-braces-are-finally-off-smile…and yes, you do smile like that ALL THE TIME when your lunch has been stuck in your face for the past year!

Besides that, I’m very energetic and open minded and my head’s always close to bursting with ideas. A little crazy and kind of a weird in my own weird kind of way… Well – I’m a lot of things, but to sum it up mostly humble, caffeinated and on the run. The main reason for that, is that I have a hard time getting up in the morning! Like seriously, I face Mount Everest – every – fucking – day – sorry the language. I’m always 5 minutes (more like 8) after where I’m supposed to be, meaning that I always walk really really fast. Thank god I have long legs!

And of course I (also) have a thing for fashion… I’ve worked in the industry and had clothes in my hands for about 9 years now. Woah! 9 whole years?! It sounds surreal being able to say that, but it goes all the way back to when I started as a Sales Assistant in a clothing store called HYPER. I was 17 and very shy back then. Today, I really love having to do with people – not to mention meeting new ones like you.

And I could probably go on for pages, but the sun’s out (which doesn’t happen too often here in Denmark) and I think you know enough for now… Otherwise, you can send me a message and get it out of your system here.