Not Another Blogger

^ I wanted to draw a bit of attention and judging from the fact that you’re reading this…I guess it worked. And no, it’s not me in the picture ;)

Did you know that every second a new fashion blog is published somewhere in cyberspace? Well, not exactly true (actually it probably is, I just can’t prove it), but it sure seems like it — huh?

Well, let’s not sugar coat anything here. Blogging is hard work and if you truly want to start a fashion blog, you’re entering a niche that’s so crowded you’ll be struggling to even breathe, get noticed by more than your mum or find a topic that hasn’t been thoroughly discussed like a billion times before.
The competition and noise is endless and yet…here I am! Another creative soul, convinced that I can do better and inspire you gentlemen with my wise words and eye-catching pictures. Also, I really want to add a bit of ‘different’ to what’s already out there and I guess the fact that I’m a woman writing freely about men, already makes it a bit interesting — don’t you think?

When searching for online style inspiration, it’s easy to fall down that black hole of Insta-hell. When you finally put down your phone, you realize you’ve spent two whole days scrolling through your never ending feed, you’re still in bed and you have no idea what to wear.
Yes. We’ve all been there (or does it only happen to us girls?!), which sort of defeats the my point existence — at least this blog’s, but I still think I can make it a bit easier to navigate the whole fashion scene and guide you to a few dos and don’ts from a woman’s point of view. And yes, I know blogs are for girls, but aren’t you just a little curious?

The best fashion blogs don’t just give you useful style advice — they give you extra. Engaging you in a new interesting way on the subject of fashion and the world that surrounds it. Sure, everyone wants great outfit ideas for their Pinterest boards and dream wardrobes, but fashion isn’t just about looking perfect. Fashion is what others declare is in and style is what you declare is. Style is so much more interesting than fashion really, expressing who you are through what you wear and telling ‘stories’ by the way you dress…but fear not — I won’t take it that far. To be honest it’s a little to deep for me too, so lets stay focused on what’s in stores (and how to wear it properly) and let it be up to you guys what you want hanging in your closet.

As you know my name’s Christina and I’m (as fancy as it may sound) International Sales and Marketing Manager here at Bruun & Stengade. I’ve been here for about 5 years now and we always have a lot of things going on — things I think people beside ourselves will find interesting (at least so I hope) and that’s actually the reason why I decided to finally give the whole blog thing at go.
When in marketing, you’ve heard the B-word once or twice and since I already take a lot of pictures of both my coffee and my clothes (and also really like to discuss men), I guess I’m already half way there.

So. Obviously it’ll be about B&S, my areas of responsibility and everyday life here at HQ, but it’ll also be about all the other menswear brands who’re doing one hell of a great job making cool and notable clothes.

I speak solely on behalf of me and I’m not afraid to give credit or pat the people who deserves the attention on their shoulders (metaphorically speaking), even through I obviously have a natural interest in highlighting B&S and making us look our best.

I must admit… I’m really curious to see what this platform will lead to! I’ve already planned a ton of posts and I really hope you’ll stick around to read them!

And don’t you worry — I made sure to google ‘How to Start a Fashion Blog and Make it Super Interesting‘ weeks ago and so far I did everything on the checklist, so (hopefully) it’ll be worth your while… Ha ha!

Have a great day,



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    You are off to a good start. Looking forward to follow the blog in the future. All the best // Thomas

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      Christina Høyer Christensen


      Thank you so much – I hope I can keep you inspired and a little entertained ;) Have a great start on the weekend tomorrow! // CC

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