PSA: Cut The Strings


If you wear clothes, please continue reading (the 1% of my readership comprised by nudists can just keep doing whatever)…

When you buy a blazer or a suit that has a vent/slit on the back, it most likely has a loose “X” stitch holding it together. If you didn’t know, below is a picture of vents.



You’ll find them on the back of many men’s jackets (and women’s for that matter). Sometimes there’re even two vents.

Now, listen closely…

FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT’S HOLY, YOU NEED TO CUT AND REMOVE THE THREADS BEFORE LEAVING YOUR HOUSE!!! It’s not meant to be left in place! It’s a temporary stitch intended to keep the vent from opening, causing creases during transport and while hanging in store. The strings are there to help the material lay flat and make the jacket look nice on the hanger.

Congrats on your new suit, but could you please not let everyone know you just got it.



So. Here’s what you’re gonna do. Go to your closet, examine all of your garments carefully in order to make sure you don’t overlook any of those damn stitches. If you cross paths with some that are still intact, cut them open IMMIDEATELY! I promise you, it’s the right thing to do. The blazer/suit/coat will not hang right if you don’t. It will look AWFUL. Cut them open. NOW.

And while you’re at it, remove any tags on the outside of your garments too. If I see one more person with a “100% WOOL” tag or a tag telling everyone in the entire world who made it, I’m gonna LOSE MY MIND…

Wow, it feels really good getting this off my chest. I can’t help it — sorry — but seriously…it really drives me crazy. I obsess over it. I point them out and stare at them. The only thing I can think of is how I would cut them open myself, if I just carried a scissor around in my bag… Why don’t I carry a scissor around in my bag?! Note to self; make sure to place scissor in bag the minute I get home.

I’ve even thought about having cards printed explaining how the threads are supposed to be removed AT ALL TIMES WITHOUT EXCEPTION. I could then discreetly slip them into the hands of the people who ‘forgot’ and then run before they get a chance to look at them…or me for that matter.

Feel free to forward this SUPER IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE to the people who need to be enlightened. Let’s work together and make this world a better place (and most importantly — keep me away from the mental hospital)!



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