Shirt shop at Magasin, Kgs. Nytorv

The preparations started many weeks ago, months actually. Drawings were made, drawings were approved, inventory got ordered and inventory got produced and over a hundred e-mails was written both back and forth between architects, landlords, craftsmen and myself — and finally the day of delivery was…yes, you guessed it…TODAY! Thursday the 5th of October ’17 — it might not be special to you, but to me it aroused quite the excitement…

And like the early bird that I am (not), I jumped out of bed at 05.45, went to the shower (like a total zombie), got dressed and headed towards Magasin Kgs. Nytorv (still like a total zombie). The inventory was right on time — 14 pallets of handmade inventory that had to get to the menswear floor to be mounted — the shirt dept. to be exact — and after getting my first (much needed and highly appreciated) cup of energy, the guys and I were ready to rumble.





We have one shop at the menswear floor already (actually, we’re the only menswear brand having two shops at Magasin Kgs. Nytorv) — the first with everything but formal shirts (casual shirts, knits, pants, outerwear, suits, blazers etc.) and the second with formal shirts and accessories like ties, bow ties and pocket squares, meaning that we’re represented with all available product categories within our assortment either here or there.


We’ve been cooperating with Magasin since the very beginning, which gives us 13 years of history within these walls. As a Fun Fact, I can tell you that Niels Bruun and Peter Stengade actually worked together at Magasin Kgs. Nytorv, before they decided to both quit their jobs and establish B&S in 2004, so their history at this very spot goes way waaay back. Niels was their Product Manager and Peter was their Sales Manager and as far as I know, the decision of becoming self-employed and starting their own business was agreed to at a beautiful beach while backpacking through Goa. Back then they travelled quite a lot together — actually they still do, now it’s just for work, not adventure…or well…in their case I would say it’s an equal amount of both. 

But let’s get back on track here…

12 hours and 12 cups of coffee later, we managed to put together a brand new shirt shop in the men’s shirt dept., and we’re in good company with brands like Swedish Eton and Stenströms as our neighbours. The entire area is being renovated, all brands are being moved around and everyone gets to mount their own inventory, giving us (each brand) the opportunity to create a special atmosphere and affect the experience we would like our customers to have while shopping.

I wanted to showcase the shop getting mounted, so below is a few of the pictures I snapped along the day… I’ve deliberately chosen not to include pictures of the final result, as I hope you’ll take time — maybe just an hour or so — to stop by and walk through the department when it’s done. According to plan that should be in week 42, so when you don’t know what to do during your autumn break…please come visit.

Maybe we’ll bump into each other — I’m very excited to see it when everything’s finalised as well…

Have a great evening all!



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