By Graham Addinall for the Autumn Winter 2017 magazine

Winter is the bad boy of seasons. It gets a lot of negative press and deservedly so, when cold snowy weather can bring traffic chaos, frozen feet and that never-ending cycle of runny noses. It’s tempting to either fly to a sunny destination and go into serious denial (for a week or so at least) or stay hidden indoors and wait until spring arrives.

But, call us cock-eyed optimists if you want, winter can also be a wonderful thing. Sure, the days are short and here in Scandinavia we can have weeks of grey skies, but only few things are more beautiful than a cold crisp morning with bright sun, whether you’re in the city or lucky enough to be in the countryside. Winter evenings can be super cosy when you’re wrapped in a blanket on the couch with a loved one (or a good bottle of red wine), a few candles burning and the fire on.
If you do fancy venturing out, travel is generally cheaper (though admittedly more unpredictable) during the colder months, so you can catch up on visiting friends, catch up on culture or treat yourself with a great deal at a luxury hotel you can’t possibly afford in peak season.

Sartorially speaking, winter is a great season. Firstly there’s all that knitwear to wrap yourself up in. Then there are dozens of outerwear options, and layering up to face the chills means that you can make full use of your wardrobe – maybe in just one outfit?! Best of all, the chances are that only few people are going to see you without your clothes on, so you can let the gym work slide a bit and not worry too much about your post-Xmas waist (at least for a month or so).

Maybe most importantly, winter shows us just how great summer is. Even in the middle of the coldest February, we know that spring is just around the corner so, in the meantime, wrap up, stay warm and look cool!



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