The High Life

By Graham Addinall for the Autumn Winter 2017 magazine

Being in the countryside in winter of course can be beautiful; snowy forests, crisp air, long walks. But too often, when it comes to somewhere to stay, that means some sort of rustic cabin with interiors reminiscent of berry-foraging grandmothers from the 1950s. If you want the peace and calm of the wilderness but with cutting-edge modernity that does after all prove you live in the 21st century now, look no further than to the Treehotel in Sweden.

I say ‘look no further’ but in fact you have to look a very long way indeed as Treehotel is in Harads, a small village miles from anywhere in Swedish Lapland. But take the 70 minute flight from Stockholm and then the 100 km drive, and you will be met with one of the most extraordinary sites in the world; seven individually designed tree houses, perched 4-6 meters above the forest floor. Each one is designed by a leading Scandinavian architect and represents just how far you can push the concept of a tree house. One resembles a giant birds nest, another an UFO that seems

stuck in the branches. Perhaps the most remarkable one is a totally mirrored cube that reflects the surroundings and makes the structure disappear into the forest. Accessible by bridges, ramps or even electric stairs, once you are up there, you are secluded and transported but ultimately comfortable and cosy.

In the unlikely event of you getting bored with the view (and maybe the vertigo), you can kill time by going on a moose safari or bear spotting. Or be a bit of an action man and kayak or ice fish. More likely you’ll have a tree sauna, then relax with a glass or two of red and realise that country living can be pretty amazing.

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