What Women Want

Okay gentlemen, listen up… There’re dozens of reasons why you dress the way you do, why you make certain sartorial choices and prefer one trend over another. Men (and women for that matter) dress up for all sorts of reasons — to look sharp at an interview or impress on a first date. Now, I’m not saying that you dress solely to please the taste of others, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know what others actually think about the way you do? Let’s say women (me for example) were to tell you exactly what women want?

If yes, today’s your lucky day! Read on to discover my top 8 list (can’t believe my OCD allows me to make a list of less than 10?!) things women find most attractive in men’s style:



It’s (hopefully) a well-known fact that one of the first things we notice (right after your watch of course) is your shoe game. To us, what you choose to put on your feet tells us a whole lot of things before you even mutter a single word. Are you a middle-aged mid-European tourist (socks and sandals) or a serious sneaker head who might miss our birthday in favour of waiting in line for the release of the latest pairs (limited edition Kanye West Yeezy Boost 350 Adidas sneakers)… Like seriously! These are the thoughts running through our heads!

A man who knows how to rock a pair of waxed suede shoes, raw mid-cuts or heavy boots like the ones in the picture above is a man that’s pre-approved by me!

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t wear sneakers, because you definitely can — and you should! There’re so many great brands to choose from and lets face it, they’re both cool and comfy (!!!) — and also, they have the added advantage of making it possible to simply run if you’re late for something (it’s neither easy nor graceful in heels…just saying)! Adidas are behind some of the coolest styles on the market, but the 3 year old sneaker-brand called ARKK (established by two Danish guys) offers quite a lot of nice styles too I think. And then we have Nike — always a safe bet! Always have, (probably) always will be…

Above all, we appreciate it when you take pride in choosing what to put on your feet and know what compliments your outfit.

My favourite brand of ‘real’ shoes is The Last Conspiracy. If you want, you can take a look at what they have to offer here:


My personal favourites are the ones below — and no, I couldn’t limit myself to highligt only one pair…:



Chinos are great because they’re versatile! You can wear them at any occasion, be it casual or formal, they go with almost anything and they always look sharp — unless they were tossed into the bottom of your closet after being worn the last time, they’ll probably need to hit an ironing board before you throw them back on then (you can get tips on ‘How To Iron Like A Total Pro’ here).

The perfect pair of chinos — to me — are those slightly tapered and rolled up at the hem. Get them in every color, but be sure to have at least navy, black, beige (in the summer time) and a shade (or three) of grey in your arsenal. Throw them on in place of jeans and I’d certainly be impressed… It’s really not that complicated!

This season, several brands added stretch and structure to the classic chino we already know! So. After making sure you have all the ‘basics’, you should definitely go get a few of them too.



It sounds so simple, but really, this combo is an art form and I must admit that this look is one of my favourites (and the t-shirt doesn’t even have to be white). A nice fitted t-shirt that’s not too tight and not too loose is absolutely drool-worthy!

And your jeans should be an investment piece! Choose a pair of quality denim that’s fitted, but (for god sake!) not too tight (goes for both legs and buttocks, but remember — it’s usually the other way around when buying jeans for your girlfriend)…

I absolutely love denim on a guy! I prefer that slim silhouette, so — no baggy boxer-showing jeans and creased over-sized t-shirt here, please!

Also, the t-shirt goes well with a blazer or instead of the shirt you’d normally put under your suit. It’ll make it a bit more casual and a little less ‘uptight’ Mike Ross-ish , but still, it’s super classy and you can easily wear it during office hours!



I love knits on guys! O-necks in particular! An O-neck with a bit of structure is in perfect balance between casual and done-up, so wearing one is a safe bet for most occasions making your job very easy. They come in a variety of colours, but I must say that a nice solid grey, black or navy is an instant winner. Wear it with a nice pair of chinos or jeans (like in the picture above) and you’ll be ahead of the game for sure!

Knits crafted from melange yarns are also very nice and there’re lots and lots to choose from in stores this season:



To me, this is the male equivalent of lingerie. A man who knows how to effortlessly wear a shirt with perfectly imperfect rolled-up sleeves is a grade A (with an upwardly arrow) in my book. Now of course, it’s a notable statement when a man demonstrates his ability to pair colors, textures and patterns in his shirt’n’tie combos, but it’s equally (if not more) seductive to see a guy in a simple shirt (with maybe a knit or waistcoat on top) kicking a** and taking names.

And to the women reading along…look at this guy!!!



A man in a well-fitted suit is a man that draws attention — and trust me — women take notice! However, please be aware of the word ‘tailored’, or customized if you will. If you’re wandering around in an old over-sized suit that doesn’t compliment your shape and taper in the right places, it’s not impressive! At all!

Anyone can put on a suit, but a real man knows how to not only wear it, but to wear it well. That usually means getting it sewn in, made longer, shorter — whatever — not to mention, taken care of! You have to make sure your suit retains it’s ‘new’ appearance and that it’s in top shape whenever you want to put it on…and yes, that requires an effort from your side.

Also, you want to take control of the suit you’re wearing — never ever let the suit overpower you! This Spring I was at my younger brothers confirmation (I don’t know if that’s even a word in English?!) and I can tell you…there was certainly a few young guns being worn by their suit that day, not the other way around…  But not my brother of course! He was rocking a cool slim fit shirt with a navy pair of chinos and a structured blazer to top off the look, all from Bruun & Stengade — where else!

For some strange reason — call it a super power — us women can usually tell when a man feels uncomfortable in his suit (or whatever he might be wearing), in which case we’ll probably pay more attention to the ill-fitting clothes than the guy wearing them.

Another important note about suits; know when to wear them. Wearing a suit to work is a definite yes (unless you’re a farmer — that would be weird). However, wearing a suit on a first date is most likely a solid NO! When worn in the right environment, you’ll look dapper, powerful and downright sexy. When worn in the wrong environment, you’ll simply look awkward like the kids I just told you about.

It’s confusing, I know — don’t get me started on all the secret rules we (women) adhere to when it comes to dressing for you guys.



There’s so much conflicting information out there regarding what women like in terms of a man’s ‘outer’. Some say, that the long-haired guy with a thick, yet well-taken-care-of beard is the most attractive, whilst others look twice after that completely smooth shaven baby-face type only.

However, if you ask me, it’s neither the length of the hair nor the thickness of the beard that gets the girl in the end. Metrosexuality — as it stands for a man’s outward appearance — is the most attractive aesthetic. It means looking good and looking like you care enough to run a comb through your hair once in a while. We love it when you know how to groom and take good care of yourself! Bearded, shaved, whatever. Tomato, to-mah-to. As long as you’re well-maintained, we’re A-okay with it.

Now, you don’t need to obsess over your appearance (please don’t! There’s not enough room for both of us in the bathroom anyway), but a man who has a signature hairstyle that’s perfected in his morning routine, a signature scent, who takes good (or at least decent) care of his clothes, knows how and when to shave, doesn’t forget to shower and maintains that clean set of fingernails is extremely appreciated — and the effort certainly doesn’t go unnoticed by us! You can trust me on this!



I’m a big fan of accessories as long as they’re not too much — and now ‘What the hell does that mean?!’ one might think. A nice watch is always…well, nice! And no, we don’t expect you to be sporting a Rolex, but a tasteful timepiece that isn’t too showy is perfect (think sleek metals and cool leather and avoid that (cheap) rubber or overly bulky varieties). In terms of other arm candy, I can’t speak for all women (even though I have this entire post), but in my opinion, if a man wears cool, tasteful and understated bracelets (*REMEMBER* do not overdo it!), it’s (more than) fine by me.

Accessorize in a minimal way and I promise we’ll go crazy for it…

And if you’re really not that into it, you can always spend the money on accessories (and by accessories I mean expensive jewellery) for us. That we’ll definitely go crazy for!



And last, but certainly not least, we simply just love it when men look confident and comfortable in the clothes they’re wearing. Men who have a signature style and just roll with it. Men who know how to look great without trying too hard. And men who know how to have fun with the way they dress and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. If you’re having fun and you’re feeling good, it certainly shows — and we can always discuss whether to wear the belt with the big shiny buckle or not (not!) then…

And there you have it… 8 things we (at least I) absolutely love when it comes to men’s style. I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into the mind of a woman — and be grateful, most of the time we’ll expect you to know what we’re thinking!


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